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Night Noodles and Open Mics: Laura's UTS Semester

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Student Ambassador Laura

We met with finance student Laura, one of our Autumn 2022 (February - June 2022) Study Abroad and Exchange Program ambassadors, to ask her all about her experience studying at UTS. Read her response below!

Q: What were you studying during your study abroad and exchange program?

A: I studied finance (last semester of my Master degree) and I followed 3 courses including financial management, financial modelling and analysis and capital markets.

Q: How long was your study abroad experience?

A: 6 months

Q: Which university are you from and how does studying at UTS differ from there?

A: My home university is the Ca 'Foscari University of Venice in Italy. The first difference is the approach to lessons. At UTS you have to come prepared for class having read pre-class materials while at my home university you don't. The second difference is how the exams are structured. At Ca 'Foscari we have no assignments or quizzes during the semester but we generally have a final exam (which can be written, oral or both). The third difference is that UTS offers societies and clubs, but these don’t exist in Italian universities. Furthermore, UTS offers useful services that I believe are important to improve the university experience such as meet and eats and club events as well as the Night Noodle Bar.

Q: Why did you choose to study abroad at UTS?

A: I decided to study at UTS for the multitude of courses offered and all the extra activities that the university offers.

Q: How has your experience studying in UTS and living in Sydney been?

A: Sydney is great. There are so many things to see and do so you never get bored! I enjoyed studying at UTS because I was able to connect with students of different nationalities with learn completely different study methods from mine. The professors have always been available to help me and give me advice and this was certainly one of the things I appreciated the most.

Q: Did you enjoy studying that course/those subjects? Do you have any tips for other students?

A: I enjoyed the subjects I studied, and in particular enjoyed studying financial modelling and analysis. Regarding this subject, I appreciated all the work that was done on Excel, which in my opinion is very important in the workplace today. The advice I would give is not to be afraid to ask the professors for help; they are available and willing to help and share their knowledge with you.

Q: Why would you recommend others choose to study abroad at UTS?

A: The university offers many extracurricular activities and the campus is certainly one of the best.

Q: Have you been involved in any student community or extracurricular activities around campus?

A: I was a member of various organisations such as Get Gigged, the Coffee Society, the Food Society and Drink Society. During the semester I went also to events of other societies that I was not a member of, for example the Open Mic event held by the Music Society, and I always had fun. I would definitely recommend future exchange students to join a club in order to meet new people

Q: Have you had much of a chance to use the facilities?

A: I’ve used the library and every time I stepped in there, I was always amazed at how big and beautiful it was.

Q: What advice would you give to future study abroad and exchange students

A: Don't be afraid to try new things or talk to new people. Travel as much as you can and discover different cultures. If possible, choose student accommodation because you have the opportunity to live with other students and create relationships that will last for a lifetime.


Ca' Foscari University of Venice

Autumn 2022

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