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Geoffrey in #TakeOverTuesday


Geoffrey Chappaz

Santa Barbara, California

Home University and Country: Colorado Mesa University (USA)

Studying: Medical Science

Favourite Place in The World: Porto Alegre (Brazil).

I was there during the World Cup in 2014 and was blown away by the beauty of the South American people


Why I chose UTS/Sydney for Study Abroad

I chose to study in Sydney because everyone I meet that said they went to Sydney all said, they had an amazing experience. Not to mention that UTS was a very good fit for my degree back home. I also chose Sydney because I knew I wanted to be in a place with lots of diversity. Here I could spend an international experience with students all over the world. The world is truly a better place when people from different backgrounds come together and that is the experience I wanted to surround myself in.

A Typical Day

On the weekdays I look forward to my classes because I am learning a lot of cool stuff in my neuroscience and Microbiology courses. Its important to find something you enjoy and although these classes can be a lot to take in, I find them really interesting. I'm taking 4 science subjects (don't recommend) so i'm pretty busy but the learning style here is much different so I find that I can still find time to work around my studies. On sunny days I love taking the bus with my friends to the beach and hang out. There are a lot of great parks around town that are nice hang out spots so you might find me there sometimes too. Sydney has a pretty crazy night life but I try to resist the urge to go out only the weekends. Living in UTS Housing is great because there are always people looking to go out in groups and no one is ever left behind. I also like to take advantage of the outdoors just outside of town so on Sundays when travel is only $2.60 I try to make it out to cool hikes and sight seeing attractions.

When I'm not studying you'll most likely find me...

Cruising around town on a bike, eating awesome Asian food or keeping it low key in the dorms playing ping pong and chilling on the rooftop.

My favourite thing about my experience abroad so far...

I love that the people here are very easygoing and all want to have fun. There has been very little stress since I've been here. I'm getting more familiar with the people in the dorms and it feels like i'm in a huge house of friends.

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

I'd like to make it out White Sundays or Fraser Island on a long weekend because these places are a must see and I can't leave Australia without at least going to one.

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