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A fabulous semester at UTS

I chose to study for a semester at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) for its reputation but also of course for its location: Sydney, Australia! I had never been to Australia and it was a country that seemed beautiful with many things to discover.

The campus is very well located in Sydney, close to the central station where all trains and buses pass. UTS is also a large university, made up of a dozen buildings all more impressive than each other, many restaurants and cafeterias.

The welcome when I arrived was very well organized. We had a week of "orientation" with a tour of the campus and presentations on the functioning of the university. In the classes we are mixed with local students who we generally got to know through group work. The semester is separated in two by a week of vacation where most foreign students choose to travel. I chose to go to Fiji. It was a wonderful trip, we move from island to island every day, the beaches are sublime, and the snorkelling is incredible there.

The islands of Fiji are the definition of "heavenly"

In addition, the last exams usually end in early November, which leaves some time for still wonderful trips! And you cannot leave Australia without doing a road trip on the east coast! Make a hole on the Fraser island, a cruise to the Whitsundays, dive to the Great Barrier Reef ... Many fabulous stages punctuate this incredible experience.

Australia is the perfect country for travelling. Like I said many visit the east coast by car or van. It is also possible to go to New Zealand, Tasmania or even Bali (airline tickets are not too expensive if you go ahead enough).

As for life on the spot, I personally lived in one of the residences of the UTS (the largest and most important one in this case: Yura Mudang) in colocation with 5 other foreign but also Australian students. Life in the residence is very lively with activities organized every week like visits to Sydney, parties on the rooftop of the residence, BBQs... and so on! I recommend, it allows to meet many people and make friends from all around the world. Plus, here the sun is always shining, why not relax on one of Sydney's many beautiful beaches? A few minutes by bus and you're in a swimsuit by the sea with a breathtaking view.

This semester in Sydney is an exceptional adventure that you cannot forget!

Palm Beach (one of Sydney's beaches) offers a view that can not be found anywhere else!

Quentin Gibon

Home University: ESILV, France

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