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Dear Future UTS Study Abroad and Exchange Students

By Alexane Boutique,

Dear future UTS Study Abroad and Exchange students,

I’m Alexane Boutique, a soon-to-be Masters of Finance student currently studying Business for my undergrad at ESSCA School of Management in France.

In Autumn 2023, I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), and was selected as an ambassador for the Study Abroad and Exchange Program.

I’d like to tell you a little more about my experience at UTS!

Selecting UTS as my destination of exchange was anything but random. I was drawn to its academic excellence, broad selection of courses, and diverse student community. The English-speaking environment was the perfect context to further develop my English skills in while immersing myself in the dynamic Sydney lifestyle.

Compared to my home university in France, I found that the freedom in course selection and the approachable teaching staff at UTS contrasted with the more rigid structure back home. This autonomy and freedom to choose not only increased my academic motivation, but also allowed for deeper engagement with the subjects that interested me. Fewer hours of class coupled with a bimodal teaching approach offered me the flexibility I desired to balance my studies with exploration of the Australian landscape.

However, studying is not the only important aspect of an exchange semester at UTS. I participated in the BUILD global leadership program and many extracurricular activities organised by ActivateUTS throughout the semester to further immerse myself in the life of a student at UTS. Outside of UTS, I strongly recommend travelling around Australia and to the Pacific Islands!

Reflecting on my favourite aspects of the Study Abroad and Exchange program, the friendships I forged stand above all. With many at UTS being from around the world and away from home, too, I made unique and deep connections with people from diverse nationalities. This incredible sense of community was a transformative highlight of my time at UTS!

In terms of my career goals, studying abroad at UTS broadened my perspective immeasurably. The cultural awareness I gained by interacting with diverse students was eye-opening, unlocking international networking opportunities and a new global outlook for myself. My time spent with German peers particularly inspired me to explore career opportunities in Germany, further demonstrating how cultural exchanges can influence career trajectories!

To conclude, if there is one piece of advice I’d give to future exchange students, it would be this: step outside your comfort zone and make connections. The relationships you form will become the cornerstone of your study abroad experience. You will remember the people you meet, and those friendships will enrich your life long after your semester ends.

So, future exchange students, I wish you all the best for the unforgettable adventure you are about to go on, filled with learning, friendships and countless memorable experiences!

Wishing you a fantastic experience studying abroad,

Alexane Boutique

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