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Anton in #TakeOverTuesday


Anton Meneses

Mexico City

Universidad Iberoamericana


Hi! My name is Anton and this is my turn to share my experience this #takeovertuesday enjoy!

I always wanted to come to Australia because since I was a child I have loved the idea of traveling to a place with such an amazing nature and landscapes. My kind of trip is to explore, go to hikings, bush walking, and those kind of activities. Here in Australia you can get in real touch with nature because you can find rainforests, mountains, beaches, sand dunes, and natural landscapes so you can always explore completely different places and every day you can do a new activity. Besides having all of that, it's amazing how they manage to combine nature with such a beautiful world class city like Sydney where you can find great gastronomic options, lots of entertainment, shopping malls, nightlife, and good vibes.

Studying Law subjects in a country different than mine is really interesting because it helps me to learn how the legal system works in other countries, I have learned so much about Australian law and that helps me open my mind a lot. Studying at UTS has been an amazing experience because it is one of the best law faculties in the world. Learning from such qualified teachers is an advantage for me because it will help me in my career as I will be more prepared to face the real world of law.

Thanks for reading! I hope you can have the same experience as me! It's been great!

What do you think of Anton's story? Do you have any tips for him? Let him know in the comments below!

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