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Tips for surviving Australia's wildlife

As someone from Europe, I never really thought about going to Australia as it seemed so far away for just a holiday (in fact, there aren’t that many places on earth which are as far away as Eastern Australia). Thanks to this study abroad program I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit this amazing country and sometimes even do something useful while there - yes I mean the occasional studying.

What fascinated me most about Australia was, unsurprisingly, the fascinating nature. Yes, Sydney in of itself is beautiful with famous spots such as Darling Harbour, Circular Quay and the Royal Botanic Garden (great spot for a relaxing walk during your first jet lag days). The city also offers famous beaches such as Bondi and Manly, which are great if you just want to make a short trip and cool down on a sunny day.

However, the real beauty of the country is hidden away a bit outside the city,whether we are talking about the more remote and isolated beaches, a bushwalk to a waterfall or a quick trip to the blue mountains (don’t just go to look at the three sisters from the tourist platform, instead go for a nice hike, it’s worth it!). Have a look at the outdoor society if you are interested in that kind of stuff.

But wait - outdoors, isn’t that where all the deadly stuff is, I hear you say…

If there's one thing Australia is famous for (next to beaches and the opera house), it’s their deadly wildlife. Spiders, snakes, jellyfish and sharks await unsuspecting travelers to end their life in miserable and painful ways. While I knew that this reputation was a bit overdrawn, it still made me slightly nervous before coming here.

However, after 3 months I can confirm that I have seen a grand total of one snake, which fled from our group and a bunch of lazy spiders on my trip in Fiji. And even if you get bitten by something, there's antidotes available for almost everything so you should be fine anyways.

Michael Grameiser

Spring 2023 Study Abroad student from MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria

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