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Thunder on Uluru

"It's just a rock" said my friend, with a sly rictus. It's in these kinds of conversation that you can find the energy to write about what you really like, to broaden the perspectives of those who don't believe.

Day 1

The red sea and the Mighty Uluru

It all started with a red sea, as far as the eyes can see. And in the center of it proudly stands the mighty monolith of the Outback, Uluru. It is the first sight I catch from the plane and a foreshadowing of things to come.

At the airport, the most wholesome bus driver I ever had the chance to meet takes me to the campground where I'll be staying for the next three days. After a surprisingly easy setup of the tent, it is time the enjoy the warmth that was desperately lacking in Sydney.

The next stop of my adventure, the Field of Light. Square meters of carefully crafted and placed light bulbs shining gently under the full moon, creating an eerie atmosphere.

Day 2

I sluggishly wake up, crawling to a boiling shower. All to make it early to King's Canyon, a four-hour drive from the campground. The climb is challenging, made more so by the boiling sun above. But, when reach the top and can finally admire the gorge from above it is deep and magnificent.

Then, it is time to drive back, to see the famous Uluru under the sunset at last. The surroundings are bustling with tourists like me, but even this can't spoil the sight of the majestic red rock. As night falls silence appears, while the colors make a fleeting dance before vanishing.

Day 3

The gentle ringing of my alarm wakes me from my peaceful slumber. As I open my eyes under the stars, I prepare myself for a sunrise on Uluru. As any proper millennial would do, I proceed to do some yoga poses in front of the view.

Finally comes the moment so awaited: walking around Uluru and Kata Tjuta, with the company of the harsh sun and a cohort of flies.

Uluru is stunning from up close, as I am carefully guided by a ranger. However, it is Kata Tjuta that surprises me the most, with the hidden valley at its core.

Day 4

I'm awakened by the thunder, as lightning bolts illuminate the outback, both threatening and dazzling. The rain falls, the wind howls, and new colors appear in the desert.

After a final gaze at Uluru, I pack my things and reach my flight, once again driven by my dear bus driver.

It's only been a few days, but my body is comfortably exhausted and my head full of glorious images.

It's more than just a rock, it's an expedition to a mystical and timeless place.

Léo Bretel

Robotics and Engineering

ECE Paris


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