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Got a week to spend? Three amazing travel destinations to visit in Australia!

So, you've made it to Sydney, gone full explorer-mode and discovered everything there is to see in this awesome city already? Fear not, for Australia has a lot more to offer! Here are three travel destinations – vetted by yours truly – that are worth checking out if you have a few days to spend (for example during StuVac):

Fraser Island

Not afraid of wildlife and looking for nature? Then Fraser Island might be the place for you! Considered the world’s largest sand island you can find just about everything you might want for an adventure here. One-of-a-kind hiking tracks, the famous Lake McKenzie, unique flora and fauna and an old shipwreck are just some of the things you can find on Fraser Island. The beach on the east coast is so vast that it is actually used both as a highway for cars (including speed controls – no kidding!) and a landing strip for planes. If you are not scared by some of the wild animals on the island – including snakes, spiders and dingoes (wild dogs) – you might even spend the night on one of its various camp sites before taking the ferry back to the mainland.

Ever wanted to drive at 80km/h on a beach?

Whitsunday Islands

For a more mellow experience, the Whitsunday Islands offer a great spot to swim, snorkel, sail or relax. Easily reachable from Sydney (e.g. via direct flight to Hamilton Island) there are over 70 islands and hundreds of beaches to explore and take a break from city life. One main attraction certainly is Whitehaven Beach which is known for its bright white sand (98% pure volcanic silica) and turquoise sea. One tip: Watch Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Men Tell no Tales before you go there to compare if the movie does justice to the real-life scenery!

Selfie with a view


If both adventure in nature and relaxation does not sound like you, that leaves one last option: more city! Melbourne is probably on top of the list (well, behind Sydney of course!) of Australian cities to visit. As you may have heard from other sources (maybe even this blog post), both cities are vastly different from another. While Sydney offers classical big city vibes and iconic landmarks, Melbourne is a lot more “hip” and alternative. There is a lot of street art to discover and countless small cafés and stores are waiting to be explored. Take a stroll through Queen Victoria Market or a walk through Fitzroy Gardens to experience Melbourne at its finest. Be aware that Melbourne is even more south than Sydney and does get quite a bit colder during the winter months though!

As you can see, there is a travel destination for every taste in Australia – so no excuse to not get out of Sydney and go on a journey!

Patrick Marquardt


Master in Business Innovation

University St. Gallen

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