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From Norway to Sydney: Top tips for Study Abroad and Exchange at UTS

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

We sat down with Emma, one of our Autumn 2022 (February - June 2022) Study Abroad and Exchange Program ambassadors, to get an inside scoop of what it's really like to study in the heart of Sydney. Take a look at what she said!

Emma on her StuVac trip in Cairns

Q: What did you study during your abroad experience?

A: I studied International Management for one year at UTS. I did one semester online due to the COVID-19 border restrictions and one semester on-shore.

Q: Which university are you from, and how does studying at UTS differ from there?

A: I’m on exchange from BI Norwegian Business School. I think the biggest difference between my home university and UTS was primarily the assessments. In Norway, we operate with one final exam per year for each subject at the end of the semester, representing the final grade. However, at UTS they have several assessments throughout the semester. The assessment styles vary a lot, with both written assessments as well as presentations and videos and I found there was a heavy focus on group work.

Q: Why did you choose to study at UTS?

A: I chose to study abroad at UTS first and foremost because the university is located in Sydney which has the perfect combination of city-life and beach-life. Furthermore, UTS is one of the top universities in Australia, with a good reputation. The campus is modern and beautiful, with the perfect location!

Q: Do you think studying at UTS and in Sydney lived up to your expectations? Why/ why not?

A: Studying at UTS and living in Sydney definitely lived up to my expectations. The study abroad experience has made me want to come back to Sydney in the future and explore more of Australia. Sydney is such a unique city with its climate and its multicultural environment. The only downside with this semester was our bad luck with the weather, this does, however, make a good excuse to come back and experience the real Sydney weather!

Q: If you could choose one thing that you liked most about studying at UTS, what would that be?

A: The best thing about UTS was all its modern facilities and the international environment! At UTS you get to meet people from all over the world exploring different cultures first-hand and making friends from all over the world.

Q: What was your favourite thing about living and studying in Australia?

My favourite thing about living and studying in Australia was definitely the Australian lifestyle and the opportunity to explore the country. Australia has such a unique and diverse nature and wildlife with plenty to explore. Throughout the semester, we had several study vacations and holidays which was the perfect time to do some travelling in this beautiful country!

Q: Did you enjoy your course/ the subjects you studied? Do you have any tips for other students?

A: I enjoyed my courses at UTS a lot. During the two semesters I had the subjects: Business and Social Impact, Marketing Planning and Strategy, Transnational Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Business Ethics and Sustainability, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Introduction to Strategy and Applied Marketing – which was my capstone subject. I particularly enjoyed Transnational Management as I found it highly relevant to my future studies and career as I wish to work internationally.

When it comes to tips, I would recommend preparing beforehand for each tutorial and finding a good group of people in your classes as there are a lot of group projects at UTS. Clear communication with team members and the tutor from the beginning is key.

Q: Why would you recommend others to choose study abroad at UTS?

A: I would recommend studying at UTS as it is located in such a vibrant and multicultural city with the perfect mix of city-life and beach-life. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to explore Australia during StuVac weeks (Student Vacation) and holidays. Additionally, the campus is outstanding and there are plenty of interesting courses to choose at this highly ranked university.

Q: Have you been involved in any student community or extracurricular activities around campus?

A: I was involved in UTS BUILD which is a global leadership program for future international leaders. It consists of seminars and workshops that broaden your knowledge and insights within this field.

Q: Have you had much of a chance to use the facilities?

A: I used the UTS Library a lot. Not only is it the perfect study spot with nice surroundings, but it is also a great place to concentrate and get guidance from UTS staff.

Q: What do you wish you knew before coming to Sydney and UTS?

A: There are multiple things I wish I knew before coming to Sydney and UTS. First of all, I wish I knew how fast an exchange semester goes by so that I could have planned the semester out better, making a clear plan of everything I wanted to do and when. Secondly, I wish I knew how expensive Sydney is in regard to living costs, so that I could have made a more thorough budget.

Q: What advice would you give to future study abroad and exchange students?

A: I would advise any future exchange students to look into UTS Housing as this is a very affordable option while giving you the perfect opportunity to meet new people. I would also highly recommend saving up some extra money in order to be able to explore the rest of Australia and to live comfortably in Sydney. It is also easy to get a relevant job in Sydney – take the chance and apply for part-time jobs during the semester and make your CV stand out from the crowd! Finally, enjoy the semester to the fullest and make the most out of it!


BI Norway Business School

Autumn 2022

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