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All the things UTS has to offer – Exchange Student-Edition

G'day dear readers and new Study Abroad & Exchange students,


My name is Mia Marie and I’m a postgraduate student in Marketing from Stockholm University in Sweden. I have spent a semester abroad at UTS and in the following lines, I would like to reflect on all the great experiences and aspects of studying in beautiful Sydney.


The reasons why I have specifically chosen UTS for my semester abroad were diverse. The university convinced me with its highly modern campus facilities, a wide range of courses offered, its excellent location in the inner city of Sydney and its high proportion of multicultural students and professors.


Course selection at UTS:

UTS offers a wide range of courses in every discipline one can think of, ensuring that there is something suitable for every student.

As a postgraduate in marketing, it was very convenient for me to choose from a broad variety of different marketing-related courses, such as Marketing Communications or even Entrepreneurial Marketing Management. However, out of my four courses, I also chose two outside of my regular field of study to incorporate learnings other than what I normally study at my home university. Therefore, if possible, I would highly recommend choosing a few other UTS courses outside of your major at your home university, as this will provide you with an even richer study experience.

In general, I consider the courses at UTS to be much more interactive and practical than I was used to at my home university. In addition, I greatly appreciated the good relations I had with my professors, as well as the tips and hands-on guidance they offered me during tutorials or private consultations. I always felt integrated as an exchange student, and I had a very positive study experience in all the courses I took.



Events outside of the university schedule:

A great part of student life at UTS consists of “ActivateUTS”. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you should definitely change that. ActivateUTS is related to all sorts of fun things to do outside of your studies and should not be missed. Especially for Study Abroad and Exchange students who are new at UTS and just arrived in Sydney, ActivateUTS organizes many fun welcome activities. I especially appreciated the “Discover Sydney” events at the beginning of my time at UTS. During these trips, I met many other new exchange students from all over the world, made first friends and at the same time explored the most beautiful spots of Sydney, such as the Opera House, the botanic garden, and even the Blue Mountains outside the city.


To all sports enthusiasts: ActivateUTS also arranges many fun sports activities, some of them even specifically focused on female empowerment. I joined all the “Women in Sports” activities and I truly enjoyed all of them, specifically the introduction to tennis! From hip-hop classes to fencing: There is definitely something suitable for everyone in the UTS sports program.

My favorite aspects of studying at UTS:

It is hard for me to choose one particular aspect of what I liked the most during my studies at UTS, because there are so many!

I am probably most grateful for the deep friendships I have made here at UTS, as it has been so easy to find great people with the same views and goals in such a diverse environment. The team spirit at UTS between all the other international Study Abroad students and locals is truly amazing.

Not to forget, of course, is the aspect of living in such a beautiful city like Sydney. I will miss the great weather, the “easy-going” Aussie way of life, and the great açai bowls for breakfast at university.


What else I would like to tell future UTS Study Abroad & Exchange students:

To summarize, I wish all new Study Abroad & Exchange students an amazing time during the semester abroad! I can promise that it will be an incredible life experience, with many unforgettable adventures and personal challenges at the same time, which will, however, help you grow. It is sometimes not easy to leave your comfort zone, talk to strangers, build up a “new life” and focus on academic performance simultaneously. But it will teach you important life lessons and boost your self-confidence.


It was a great privilege for me to study at UTS and I will miss the university life in Australia when I am back in Sweden.


All the best,

Mia Marie Kroepelin

Spring 2023 Study Abroad postgraduate student from Stockholms Universitet, Sweden

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