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Salomé in #TakeOverTuesday

Salomé Lallement

Reims, France

Hey guys, my name is Salomé, you can call me Sasa. I’m 19, I’m from France. I’m exciting to share my experiences with you!

Home university and Country

University of Reims (France)



Favorite place in the world

The Madeira Island (Portugal)

A typical day

I start my day with a glass of pineapple juice and a toasted banana bread, I have discovered banana bread here in Sydney, and I haven’t been able to live without it since.

Then I go to class, and afterwards I usually go to the library, at the fifth floor where there is a beautiful view over sydney, and start my homework so I can be free for the night and enjoying Yura’s rooftop with my friends.

I also like having lunch or dinner with my friends, I recommend to go at The Upside cafe (next to the housing Gumal), there is a cute secret garden downstairs and their burgers are amazing.

When I am not studying you most likely find me…

Everywhere, I’m always moving, looking for a new cool place or original spot to film and take photos for my blog ( ). I have created two videos about my first weeks in Sydney, it redraws every places I went to.

I particularly appreciate sitting on the beach and watching the sunset, with a french rap song in the background.

My favorite thing about my experience so far…

My favorite thing so far has been all the people I’ve met here, and all of the experiences i’ve had with them. I always get excited for the weekend, when we plan our bigger adventures like going to the blue mountains or just chilling on the beach at Manly and Bondi. I’m also excited to improve my english and be bilingual by the time I leave.

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

At the end of August, Fashion Week takes place in Melbourne. I’m crazy about fashion, it would be a dream to attend the runways, exhibitions, workshops and get inspiration from the designers and models I see there.

Moreover I have never been to any idyllic islands like the ones in Australia, so I would like spend some times lying on a white sand beach like Whitsundays islands.

My one must visit in Australia

The Royal National Park looks amazing, filled with so many different and emotional landscapes! I can’t wait to discover this place!

Enjoy your life,


P.-S. : don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram (@salomellmnt), and have a look on my blog and my videos.

Thanks !

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