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UTS Housing - The place where you should live

Living at Yura Mudang

Depending on your course, it takes 3 minutes to walk to the classrooms, 5 minutes to walk to the library or Central station, 10 minutes to Darling Harbour and 45 minutes to go to Opera House (or 8 minutes by train). The place I am describing is Yura Mudang, one of the UTS Housing dormitories with 720 students. And it's my new home in Sydney for my semester abroad at UTS. Yura Mudang has shared apartments (2- or 6-share) as well as studios (also in different sizes). We have a rooftop terrace on the 21st floor where you can have your first coffee in the morning, overlooking the skyline of Sydney, or enjoy the sunset in the evening.

Enjoy a coffee on the roof in the morning

Housing activities

But not only the location of Yura Mudang is unique and perfect, also the activities offered by UTS housing. I already came to Sydney in the middle of February, but my lectures did not start until the middle of March. In any case I wouldn´t want to miss these first weeks in Sydney, especially due to the housing and the events made by UTS housing. In the first weeks after my arrival almost no day passed by, on which not some activity was offered by the UTS housing. The activities were always well-organized in and around Sydney (although started always a little later than planned, which can be a challenge especially for German students).

During the week we visited various local restaurants and famous places, always with special offers, to get to know the new home better. On weekends we mostly explore the surroundings of Sydney, for example a hiking trip to the Blue Mountains, day trips to the surrounding beaches (Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach, Watson´s Bay) or to the Featherdale Wildlife Park. These trips are always conducted by other students who also live in the Housing, so you always have a contact person on site.

Hiking trip to the Blue Mountains

Trip to Watsons Bay

These events have not only the advantage that Sydney and its surroundings are shown to you by the local students, also you can get to know the people who live in the UTS housing. Especially at the beginning you get to know new people again and again.

Another highlight was a visit to a rugby game. The game was interesting, even though I didn't understand all the rules… And as a bonus Sydney even won! What more could you wish for!

South Sydney Rabbitohs vs Gold Coast Titans

I can only recommend all exchange students to apply for a place in the dormitory. You get to know a lot of nice people, you always have events taking place. Therewith you can use your semester abroad perfectly. Also, for those who want to concentrate more on university life, the housing offers one or two study rooms on each floor, which are freely accessible for the residents, as well as a computer room.

My studies in Australia wouldn't be the same if I hadn't chosen to live in a UTS housing. Therefore a big THANK YOU to the great staff from UTS housing who make so much effort every day to give us a great time here.

Name: Victoria Eschelohr Country: Germany University: Hochschule Konstanz

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