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UTS Green Week (20.05.19 - 24.05.19)

Next week UTS will host the green week in cooperation with TAFE. Green Week is a week-long program with various sustainable activities such as a "sustainable and Surfing" Talk, the green market and the plant stall where you can adopt a little green friend for 2$ - 10$. They got something for everyone, whether you're into art, want to chill and watch a movie or love a good cocktail. Explore new ways to be sustainable and eco-conscious today.

The green week will start on Monday with a workshop where you will learn how to reduce single-use plastics in your life, and make your beeswax wrap to take home.

From Tuesday on you will be able to visit the photo competition exhibition in building 1, Level 3 Concourse. Additionally, they will host the talk on sustainability and surfing in the same building. A film screening about food and packaging waste will be then held in the afternoon from 2 pm - 3 pm. Don't worry if you can't make it on Tuesday they will also show it on the day after.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to purchase a wide range of environmentally friendly products at the Green Market Day, while listening to some fantastic live music. It is followed by an evening of excellent food and wine at the Green Week Dinner (reservation essential).

Thursday will then start with the possibility to become a plant parent while helping the Cancer Council as they will receive the proceeds of the plant sales. After that, you can learn why bees are so important and why they need more attention, and if you can't get enough of bees you can also go to a guided honey tasting afterwards, before you head of to the "Accelerate" film screening which is hosted in collaboration with the EcoSoc and Enviro collective.

The last day of the green week will then end with a cocktail course where you have the opportunity to learn how to make organic cocktails.

See the full program below:

You can also visit Activate UTS for further information and to book the workshops. The Adopt a Plant Stall activity, for example, is free but you need to make a booking to secure your spot because space is limited.

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