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A day in the life


Frankfurt, Germany

Hi, my name is Felix. I am 25 years old, and I am excited to share some of my experiences in Australia with you!

Home University and Country

Hochschule Darmstadt – University of Applied Sciences, Germany


Industrial Engineering (postgraduate)

Favourite place in the world

Vancouver – Canada

A typical day…

I usually start my day with a gym session at ActivateFit gym, the on campus gym. After that, I usually have to do grocery shopping for my breakfast and/or lunch. If I am organised, I enjoy my breakfast straightaway – mostly yogurt with fruits. Since all my lectures are in the evening, I have enough time for other activities such as playing football or exploring Sydney. After the lectures, I often catch up with friends. Sydney offers us endless opportunities - sometimes we go out for dinner in one of the countless restaurants surrounding campus, hang around in someone’s flat or go to a bar.

When I am not studying you most likely find me...

… at one of Sydney’s many beaches. If the weather and the conditions are good, you probably find me into the water where I try to improve my surf-skills.

My favourite thing about my experience so far is…

I have met so many people from different countries with different cultures. I am so excited that next time I go travelling, I can just ask them to show me their countries and get a natives point of view!

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

Going home via Hawaii!

My one must visit in Australia

You really should see the Australian Snowy Mountains (between Canberra and Melbourne) if you can. Nature there is pretty impressive all year round. In the winter months, you can even ski at Mt Buller! The university also has a ski club you can join and go on trips with.



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