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From a Small, German Country Town to Sydney

Loreen Tischler

Course: Public Communication

Country: Germany

University: Hochschule Osnabrueck

My heart is beating fast and thousands of thoughts are running through my head as I get on my plane to Sydney. It’s scary, yet exciting, to step out of your comfort zone and move to the other end of the world. It takes courage to explore the unknown, but I know that I will grow from my experiences abroad.

When I think of Australia, I think of amazing weather, surfing, kangaroos and welcoming, warm people. So why in the world would I not spend a couple of months in this beautiful country?

Studying at UTS in Sydney was different to what I was used to. Only 2000 students study at my Campus in Germany. That’s about the amount of international students that started this spring semester at UTS. I am not used to a Campus with 13 buildings and over 40000 students. However I enjoyed the challenge to settle in, find friends and study at such a great and huge university.

I decided not to live in student housing, therefore I wasn’t spending much time with other internationals. I did get to stay in a shared apartment in Newtown. I love living together with locals, learning about their country and culture. Every morning, before I jumped on the bus to UTS, I got coffee at my favourite café where Danny was greeting me with a nice “Hey Mate!” every morning.

The University is located right in the city centre. Sydney is a beautiful mixture of modern skyscrapers, historic buildings, churches and amazing beaches. After class we would walk to Glebe and Newtown, charming student suburbs with cafes, vintage bookstores, second hand stores and awesome nightlife venues. Weekends are for the beach! After strolling about 30 minutes through the CBD you get to Circular Quay – my favourite place in Sydney. From here you are not only overlooking beautiful Sydney Harbour with the stunning Harbour Bridge and of course the Opera House, but you can catch ferries to all these hidden bays and beaches like Watsons Bay or Manly Beach.

When in Australia you at least need to try surfing once. Any beach, Manly, Bondi, Coogee or Maroubra are all natural surfing paradises surrounded by huge cliffs. Coastal walks on top of those cliffs are amazing to escape everyday life and clear your mind from papers and presentations due. If you are lucky you can spot whales or dolphins jumping along the coastline at the right time of year!

Four months of studying abroad at UTS was not enough. I didn't even seen all the suburbs and beaches there are … especially if you fill your weekends with night outs or daytrips to the Blue Mountains, Palm Beach or the Royal National Park. There is so much to explore and see! Be ready for one of the most amazing couple of months of your lifetime. Sydney is amazing - just imagine traveling the whole of Australia. I am sad to leave but happy to come back and visit all the friends I made down here.

Prepare for an adventure you will never forget!

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