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Throwback Thursday with Reut

Cotton candy skies above the Sydney Opera House. I love Spring!

Course: Business

Country: United States of America

University: San Diego State University

UTS Year and Session: Spring 2017

Friends, food and lots of fun!

It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was studying at UTS in Sydney instead of at San Diego State here in California.

Lately, I have been finding myself reminiscing throughout the days on my experience abroad. Taking the train to different beaches, trying all the incredible vegan restaurants, and discovering Sydney one coffee shop at a time. There were definitely some extravagant moments (like when my boyfriend visited and we went to Blue Mountains together, or even going up the coast with friends to spend the week in Byron Bay!), but through all the adventurous moments, I think that what I miss the most was simple traditions I held with friends that I’ll be in touch with forever. So... in this blog post I want to share with you my favorite weekly tradition at UTS... Breakfast with my friend Lara.

As some of you may know, (and if you don’t then listen up!!) every Tuesday and Wednesday morning UTS offers a free breakfast for all of its students. This wasn’t some ordinary breakfast though. They offered free coffee, tea, juice, muesli, and most importantly… avocado toast!!! AND they even set up a fake tree inside that held an assortment of seasonal fruits!!!

Like any student I LOVE taking advantage of free food. And free food simply tastes much better when shared with a friend!

Every Wednesday morning my friend Lara came to school extra early just to meet me before class so we can share our breakfast together. I’d always go for the muesli and she’d always go for the avo toast. Lara studied abroad at my university in San Diego for a semester and then I came to study at hers, so we truly had a dynamic and more personal relationship.

The most simple little tradition like getting breakfast every week with a friend is what really made Australia feel like home to me and overall made Sydney feel a lot more personal.

The many events held on campus were also great for spending time with friends and experiencing new things. From Oktoberfest, to goat yoga there was always something on campus to keep us entertained.

I would love to go back sometime soon but for now cheers from San Diego! And go treat yourself to some good breakfast with a good friend.

The view of the Harbour Bridge from Barangaroo. I definitely recommend doing this walk along the shore!

My friend Lara and I after goat yoga on campus!!

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