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Life in Sydney, at UTS, and a gold medal too!

Why Sydney?

I was in Australia with a Work and Travel Visa in 2015 before and really fell in love with the country, the people and especially Sydney. I think Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities you can imagine and has so much to offer.

As I love surfing and beach volleyball, I chose to live in Manly close to the beach. I am living with three Australian girls and a guy from the UK so I get to know the real way of Aussie living.

Even though I'm quite outside the city centre it only takes 20 minutes on the fast ferry to get to Circular Quay and another 20 to be at the University campus. I really love the international vibe at the Uni and the different cultures you get in contact with during lectures, tutorials and other activities.

Winning at the Australian University Games

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to participate in the Australian University Games at the Gold Coast. It's one of the biggest Sports events in Australia with over 8,000 students competing in nearly any sport you can imagine. I was playing in the Beach volleyball tournament and was able to bring home a silver medal home for UTS, helping UTS win the overall tournament!

Additionally I got honoured with the Green and Gold Medal as the MVP of the tournament! All in all it was one of the biggest sport events I have ever competed in and it will always be remembered.

Playing sport on a high level making a lot of new friends and having some really good nights out; thanks UTS Sport!!!

Sebastian Boettcher

Arts Media Management

Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover, Germany

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