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Living @ UTS Housing

Hi guys!​​

My name is Jasmin Mahler and I’m studying Software Engineering & Internet Computing (IT) at the University of Technology Vienna in Austria. Right now I’m in Sydney for a study abroad semester and I’m living at UTS Housing (Geegal). That’s why I’m going to write about my experience of living at UTS Housing (so far).

First of all, if you’re afraid of being all alone in a new country, I can tell you - you don’t have to be! If you decide to live at UTS Housing, you’re gonna meet so many new people and you’ll become friends quite quickly.

I don’t know, how it is at the other residences, but at Geegal we’re like a big family (maybe it’s because we’re only ~55 people). Everyone knows each other, we care for each other and we experience and discover new areas in and around Sydney together.

There are a different number of resident networkers (RNs) in each housing. If you have any questions, the RNs are here to help you out. Since all of them have lived at UTS Housing for a certain amount of time, they can show you ​​around housing and the city ​​​​and can give you some nice tips (e.g. the closest and cheapest ​​shopping centre, ...).​​

​​UTS Housing also organises a lot of events. Although I’ve only been here for two weeks, I’ve already been to the​​ Blue Mountains and some beaches close to Sydney (e.g. Manly, Shelly, Bondi, Coogee).

​​​​We also went out to see the Newtown Night life (I can definitely recommend the Newtown Hotel - you can get a really delicious pizza for $4 there!), which was a lot of fun too.

Most of the events are together with the other residences, but some are only for your own residence. Monday is for example our ​​​​​​​​Game of Thrones and Rick & Morty night, where we’re all sitting together in the common area and are watching the newest episodes.

I’m really glad, that I’ve decided to live at Geegal and I think, you’ll never get bored here!



Jasmin Mahler

Software Engineering & Internet Computing (IT)

University of Technology Vienna, Austria

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