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Here's a sub with more than one hundred men inside Credit: Tashi Tobgyal/DTNS It was the morning of October 15, 1971, when India launched its first ever submarine-to-submarine attack on the Pakistani Navy's PNS Ghazi. India's floating arsenal was equipped with two and a half torpedoes - all it needed to sink the Pakistani submarine. But as the Indian submarine, K-152 (K-16 - the code name of this attack submarine) prepared to deliver its lethal cargo, the PNS Ghazi was not there. The Indian sub had set out at 6:30 a.m. and had been undersea for just four minutes when it suddenly encountered a huge sea of trouble. "All hell broke loose," says Tashi Tobgyal, who was the on-board navigator of K-152. The on-board hydrophones picked up the noises of the many Pakistani naval vessels around them and alerted the K-152 crew. "It was their first encounter with a Pakistani submarine. It was something they had not expected," says Tobgyal, "They knew that the Pakistani Navy's war strategy was to attack and sink Indian submarine with its submarine-to-submarine missiles. As a submarine, we were more vulnerable to enemy attacks, and we had no weapons to defend ourselves." But luckily for the Indian sub, it had a mechanical advantage on its side - its torpedoes could be fired at a distance, unlike the Pakistani torpedoes. "The K-152s were automatic devices. The sailors sat outside and fired the torpedoes when the captain signaled," says Tobgyal. But the Indian crew was not going to wait for the captain to give the signal. Two and a half minutes after K-152 first made contact with the PNS Ghazi, it fired both torpedoes at the Pakistani sub, blowing up its bow section, which had gone deep for safety. "There was nothing left but a massive explosion," says Tobgyal, "The entire bow section was blasted out and the two missiles shot off. It was something we could not understand - why would the Pakistani sub not have its weapons to protect itself?" Why did the PNS Ghazi go down, and why had it been heading for an Indian port when it was found? The answers to these questions remain a mystery, but experts like Sardar Singh, a former Indian Navy officer,




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