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UTS Clubs Day

Hey there!

I’m Huyen from Germany and currently doing my study abroad semester at UTS. Before coming here I was curious about what clubs UTS has to offer for us as students and I was literally blown away by the huge amount of options given. So if you are like me and want to find more about all of this, then definitely check out CLUBS DAY which is hosted by ActivateUTS and ActivateSocial.

Clubs Day is your chance to explore and join the clubs at UTS. The event takes place at the beginning of each semester so you can make the most out of your time here with the clubs you have chosen.

What to expect:

The Tower which is Building 1 will be filled with little booths which each represent a club or a society. You can just approach them and talk to the people there to find out more about the specific club/society. If you are interested you can join right away or do it later online.

There are so many clubs and societies such as surfing, tennis, anime@UTS, chess club, debating society, design society, exchange & study abroad club, Red Cross society and so much more.

The categories covered are: religious, cultural, social justice, professional development, faculty, social sports, gaming and pop-culture, social and creative arts, political, sport, Students Association. There is a club/society for everyone for sure!

A little tip at the end... Clubs Day is really fun and you don’t want to miss it because not only can you find your dream club but you can see performances or attend Q&A panel sessions with club and society executives, play games and get a lot of free food and free stuff available only on that day!



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