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Take a break - drink a coffee ​

Hi everyone!

My name is Luisa and I am studying business law in Germany, Konstanz.

Currently, I am staying at the UTS housing accommodation ‘Yura Mundang’ for my semester abroad in Australia, Sydney. The university and the housing accommodations have a lot to offer for every single student. I promise it is impossible to get bored, even if you try! After some weeks you will find yourself trying to find the right balance between university work, housing activities and your free time. You will get the feeling that time flies, but your time in Sydney is way too precious to flyaway and therefore the only way to slow it down is to take a real good break. So, what can be a better break than sitting in a nice café, enjoying a good cup of coffee, while reading your favourite book or chatting with a good friend? Your right, it probably can’t get better, unless the café is right around the corner.

That’s why I am writing this blog post today. Sydney is an incredible city, which has a lot to offer, including small and unique cafes just a short walk away from you.

If you have decided to go to Sydney for a semester abroad, you have already made the first step into the right direction. To assure you keep on going into the right direction, a short guidance about where to go follows.

1. Universal Cafeteria and Cornerstone Café

If you only have a short time slot available between lectures and tutorials, but you still need a break to come down, a good option to go is the Universal Cafeteria and the Cornerstone Café. Both Cafes are located right on the city campus of UTS.

2. Saint George

Another good place to go is the Saint George Café, which is only a five minute walk away from the housing accommodation ‘Yura Mundang’. They do not only offer a delicious cappuccino, I can also highly recommend to try out the ‘Avocado Smash Toast’ or the granola with fresh fruit compote.

3. The Black Groodle

The Black Groodle is located a bit hidden in a side street near to the Broadway Shopping Center and does not only convince with good coffee. Due to its unique style, your coffee break will be a real experience.

4. Edition Coffee Roasters

The Edition Coffee Roasters Café is near Haymarket and will turn non coffee drinkers into coffee drinkers. Further, if you have enough time, a must try is the cinnamon bun or the undon noodles with mushrooms.

Luisa Michel

Course: Bachelor of Business Law

Country: Germany

University: HTWG Konstanz

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