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Road trip on the East Coast of Australia

After spending two months around Sydney and visiting a lot of places, we decided to do a road trip on the East Coast of Australia to have a greater understanding of Australia's vast land.

As a group of eight boys, we choose to rent two campers. One that could allow six people to sleep inside and a smaller one for two people.

We left on Friday just after class around 6pm. Driving up the coast, we headed to Seal Rocks where we spent the first night.

On Saturday we first had a walk and visited the light house. Then, we took to the road and went surfing in a beach one hour from there. We spent the night in a camping in the beautiful Scott's Head.

On Sunday, we had another surf in the morning. After eating some delicious Fish and Chips in Scott's Head we decided to jump back on the road and travel to Lennox Head. Here, we were lucky enough to sleep near the beach.

The next day most of the group decided to surf on the morning, but the spot was too hard for me so I slept a bit more and took a look around. It was the best spot of the trip but also the hardest one. After the morning session, we headed of to Byron bay where we spent the most of the day. Then, we were back on the road to the famous Gold Coast. There, we decided to surf again and sleep in a camping area near by.

On Tuesday, I decided to visit a bit of the Gold Coast while the others were surfing. From there, left around 12pm to go to Brisbane where we toured and ate. After this we headed North to Noosa Heads.

In the morning at Noosa I decided to do one of the hikes in the National Park. Unfortunately, we had to leave early because one of us was sick and had an appointment at one hour from Noosa Head.

The rest of the day there, we went to the beach and played soccer. We then hurried back into the vans toward Evans Head, realising we had only 3 days to cover a twelve hours of road.

The next day at Evans Head we surfed/visited in the morning then headed of to Crescent Head where we played soccer and spent the night.

On the next day, we left Crescent Head to go to Bonny Hills where some people of our group decided to surf (surprise!). Then, we did the last part of driving to go to Narabeen to spent the night before the cleaning of our van early in the next morning.

On Saturday morning, we cleaned vans and came back to Sydney.

Erwan Bringer (France, Autumn 2019)

Computer Science


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