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Making new friends in Australia is easy

Saturday, 7 am - everyone is excited and can't wait to jump into the car. It is road trip time! What can be better than getting up early to meet your UTS friends from all over the world to make new friends during the day?!

No fist bump today bro?

There are some excellent places in Australia to make new friends, but as you can see in the picture, Pebbly Beach is one of the best places to do that while you are studying at UTS. If you can find some time to travel and exploring nature and wildlife Australia is probably the best place on earth for that. The beaches are incredibly beautiful, people are friendly, and the wildlife is just amazing.

As you can see from the pictures, the kangaroos are used to people. Therefore, you can take some of these memorable moments which last a lifetime!

On the way south to Pebbly Beach which takes you around 4 hours, I really can recommend stopping at Kiama Blowholes. The Kiama Blowholes are directly along the way to Pebbly Beach. Therefore, no de-tour is needed and as you can see in the video above - it is an impressive natural spectacle. You definitely should check that out as well as Hyam's Beach in Jervis Bay which is also just a stone's throw away. To conclude I only can encourage all student to take some time for a road trip to Pebbly Beach and all the other places I mentioned to make some new friends and enjoy nature.

Benedikt Porten

Country: Switzerland

Course: Master in Management

University: University of St. Gallen

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