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How to escape daily uni life

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Six days in Tasmania

Do you feel stuck with uni life? Would you like to escape the stress for a few days? And do you need some time for relaxation? This blog post is about my travel to Tasmania.

If you have some days off, take your travel buddy and go to probably one of the most beautiful places in Australia. You will see one of the most gorgeous beaches, rockbound coasts and empty landscapes you have ever seen.

We started our journey at Hobart, where we arrived after our two-hour flight from Sydney.

Hobart is the capital and with a population of around 225,000 the most populated city in Tasmania. Even though, it is the least populated Australian state capital city.

Mount Wellington

I can recommend you to go to the Mount Wellington, where on top of it you have a great view over the city. I have never been to a place where the weather changes so fast as in Tasmania, especially at the Mount Wellington. We took beautiful pictures in the sun there and five minutes later, we ended up in a snow storm. You can drive your car even up to the top, if you are not into hiking. Talking about cars, you will need to get a rental car in Tasmania, because there is no public transport between the cities and villages. You also might need to download an offline map on your phone, because of missing cellular network in some regions.

Port Arthur, UNESCO World Heritage Site

After a day at Hobart, we went to Port Arthur, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The site is a former convict settlement. Another must-do is the Freycinet National Park, where you can hike to my favorite beach in Tasmania, the Wineglas Bay. I can recommend you as well to go to Binalong Bay at the northern east coast, Devonport at the north coast and the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Moreover, don’t miss the Lakes Gordon and Pedder, at least for a quick photo stop, on the way back to Hobart, if you also choose to fly back from there.

Every evening we were looking for a place to sleep the next day. You can find quite cheap hostels in Tasmania. Our best accommodation by far was the Scamander Sanctuary Holiday Park. They call it glamping (glamour camping), because of the comfortable beds in the tents.

To sum up, Tasmania was one of the best travel experiences in my life. I can highly recommend you to spend a couple of days there due to the stunning countryside and wilderness. You will not find a similar place on earth like Tasmania. Take a look at the photos I took. A picture is worth a thousands words.


Wineglas Bay

Wineglass Bay (Freycinet National Park)

Dominik Simon Friedrich Meinshausen

Course: Business Law

Country: Germany

University: Hochschule Konstanz

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