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German country girl​​​ explores the world!

Already during my bachelor/undergraduate studies, I decided to spend one semester abroad in Australia. I wanted to go to Australia to become more independent. The first time longer than two weeks away from home. All by myself, no family who can help me when things get complicated.


First impressions

The big city killed me in the beginning; it was a shock. If you come from a small village with 1300 inhabitants, Sydney is a culture shock. Skyscrapers, cars drive on the "wrong" side, and it's incredibly loud.

When I had overcome this shock, I discovered the good sides. You can find beautiful corners and small sweet bars and restaurants everywhere, which offer you completely new culinary experiences. My new favourite dish is Dumplings. They are right around the corner from the dormitory and the library.

Dumplings around the corner of the library

UTS housing: Yura Mudang

The best way to live is definitely the UTS Housing. You can connect immediately, and you always find someone to talk. Living in a shared apartment with six rooms can be challenging, but also fun! There are many events and trips by the residential networkers, such as a trip to the Blue Mountains one time (cheap on Sundays with the train and the Opal Card!). The view from the rooftop of the Yura Mudang residence is unique. At the latest at this sunset with this view over Sydney, I was fascinated by the city.

view from the rooftop of the Yura Mudang residence

Study in Australia vs Germany

Studying in Australia is completely different from studying in Germany. Instead of having 3-4 hard weeks at the end of the semester, there is a lot to do throughout the semester. In the beginning, it was uncommon to write an assignment every week. That you address the professors by their first names was a bit strange at first, but quickly became normal. What I will never get used to is the missing knocking on the table at the end of the lecture. I wasn't aware of this, which is why the course laughed at me after the first lecture when I was the only one knocking on the table. What I had already learned in the first week: NEVER go to the lecture without a jacket. Otherwise, you will come out as an icicle.

Travel plans: Easter break

I will use the Easter break for a round trip through Australia. Because what is a semester abroad in Australia without having seen something of Australia? Sydney, Cairns, Adelaide, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Sydney. Twelve days, three flights and one car.


Name: Eva Stockmann

Course: Master of Laws (LL.M.)

Country: Germany

University: HTWG Konstanz

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