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Fly halfway around the world to discover Sydney...

Five years ago I never even dared to dream that I would ever land in Australia. Not to mention to study there. The interest to get out of the usual comfort zone was awakened when the Study Abroad-program of "GoStralia" was presented at my home university. "Study in Down Under" sounded so extraordinary that I immediately became interested in the whole story. The thought of leaving 16,500 km behind you for one semester abroad awakened my thirst for adventure, so that within a very short time the decision was made: Sydney will become my new home for the next 6 months.


The first impression: This city had that certain something. Cultures from all over the world mixed in the centre. At one corner it smelled of Asian cuisine, a few meters further on of Indian, then of Arabic, then of Turkish cuisine. Furthermore you could listen to every language: Spanish, Indian, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian (and of course English muhaha). I liked this mix and the tolerance that went with it and welcomed me.


The first days at the university were overwhelming. I expected a campus with 2-3 buildings, then during the "Orientation Week" I saw the real number of buildings that belonged to the UTS. Each building has its own style, which automatically creates its own positive atmosphere.


The semester is already half over, and I could already see some things, but I still do not have enough! The Bondi to Cogee Costal walk alone makes you euphoric.


As this is not enough, a visit to the Australian Museum with the Dino exhibition (and of course much more!) is not to be missed.


Furthermore, I got the chance to enjoy a new, inconceivable perspective on the Operahouse and Harbourbridge on a kayak while cleaning the water with a coffee.


In order to stay active, I jog every second evening at Blackwattle Bay. To go for a run with such a skyline even a coach potato gets a load of motivation!


If you are looking for a quiet, idyllic spot in the middle of the city, the Chinese Garden of Friendship is the right place for you. Grab a book, pay only $3 as a student and enjoy the time in it. Don't be scared if a lizard crosses your path ;)


I was able to fulfill a long-awaited dream in Australia: Surfing! The Surf-Camp offers a 2-day course for the basics, so that you can ride knee-high waves without any help. The highlight was when dolphins appeared about 15 meters in front of me (which I initially thought were sharks and I almost wet my pants in fright :D).


My last highlight: a short trip to Melbourne. A beautiful and interesting city that has a lot to offer!


Ardian Cacaj

Country: Germany

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Home University: Hochschule Aalen

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