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Can you do the perfect week? 7 days – 7 sunrises

Updated: Aug 18, 2022


David Wenderdel Software Engineering Westphalian University (Germany) Instagram: @david_wenderdel Facebook: David Wenderdel


I’m typing “Sydney sunrise” into Google. 5:31 am. I set my alarm clock and my mobile phone shows the remaining time to sleep: Less than 5 hours. Is it really worth it? I could just turn the alarm off again and sleep in tomorrow. But no, sunrises are always something special. The first light of the day. The first sounds of the nature. How everything and everybody wakes up slowly.

I’ll do it again tomorrow. At least it’s summer at the moment, so I won’t freeze when I’m waiting for the sun. On the other hand, you have to get up much earlier than in winter. Anyway, let’s do this.

Sydney Opera House

Every visitor to Sydney should experience this sunrise at least once: The iconic Opera House with the rising sun behind it. For most people it is probably the easiest place to get to, so no excuses! Just sit on the quay wall and watch the first typical yellow ferries leave the harbour. If you would like to see a cruise ship arriving in the morning, just check the cruise schedule before you go to the harbour.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

When Wendy Whiteley lost her husband in 1992, she started to nurture the foothill of her private home in Lavender Bay. Over the past 25 years together with two gardeners she planted natives, exotics, plants and herbs and landscaped the space with winding paths. And the best thing is: This place is just on the other side of the Harbour Bridge. The perfect spot for a cozy sunrise. You should take your time and simply relax on one of the benches in all the green.

North Head (Manly)

Somewhat more difficult to reach is probably the most impressive place for a sunrise: North Head in Manly. Sitting next to the sandstone cliffs that rise up to 90 metres or more from the water, listening to the sound of the ocean's waves as you enjoy the first rays of sunshine - it's a moment you will never forget!

The Gap

For those of you who live in Bondi, this place might be interesting since it is the closest place to Bondi. The Gap is an incision in the sandstone cliffs at South Head, below which there is a wave cut shelf. The peculiarity of this place: While you have a wonderful view of the sea in one direction, you can simply turn around and spot the skyline and cityscape of Sydney in the other direction.

Hornby Lighthouse

Pretty close to the previous place: Hornby Lighthouse. Also known as the South Head Signal Station it is the third oldest lighthouse in New South Wales. When the tides are on your side you can climb down the cliffs at the tip and sit pretty close to the water.

Turimetta Beach

Turimetta Beach is halfway between Sydney and Palm Beach and backed by steep bluffs, which makes this place unique for a sunrise mission.

Palm Beach

This is probably the most difficult place to reach, at least if you can only travel by public transport and want to be there on time for sunrise. But once you get there, this place is so peaceful. The wild ocean on the one hand and the shallow Pittwater on the other hand make this place special.

Please remember to take home everything you brought to the place! :-)

See ya, David!

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