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Amazing journey starting at UTS

Time flies and it has already been nearly 4 months since I arrived in Sydney, a city which I had never been to.

Although I have a fair share of experience of studying abroad in the UK, I would still have high regard for Sydney as it is a city of wonder and packed with nice and warm people. As you might probably be aware (and probably agree), the year of 2020 is a year that everyone wants to skip by clicking some sort of magic button (if there is one).

Soon after the formal commencement of my exchange semester (Law Faculty) with UTS, on-campus lectures and tutorials were suspended and everything was forced to be conducted online. To be quite frank, I was worried about the situation back then as it was something I had never experienced and I was not familiar with having lessons online all along. However, UTS has done a great job in delivering all the lessons in the most technological, consistent and efficient manner and all the teachers and staff members at UTS have been nothing but kind, patient and adaptive. Thanks to their joint efforts, everything went extremely smooth. Suffice it to say, UTS has lived up to the 'T' in its name.

Despite all the shutdowns and lockdowns and apart from my dedicated study life, I have managed to spare some time to explore this amazing city. One spot that I would recommend everyone to go to is Diamond Bay Reserve. Trust me, you would be stunned by the fabulous scenery of it and it is also a great place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city before getting back to your study.

Apart from Diamond Bay Reserve, another place that I would highly recommend is Bondi Beach if you know anything about the original and entertaining TV program, Bondi Rescue. It was a wonderful experience to be able to meet the lifeguards and have a little chat with them.

All in all, I have enjoyed every second I spent in studying at Sydney. While my exchange semester with UTS is nearly over, I am more than ready to start another new and promising journey with UTS for its PLT program and continue to thrive and progress. Last but not least, I sincerely wish all of you all the best. Stay safe and healthy!

With best wishes,

Maxwell Leung


Course of Study: Law (non-award study)

Country: HKSAR, China

Home University: BPP Uni, UK

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