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30 Days in Sydney

Arriving at Sydney airport in mid-February after a 30-hour journey, I could not imagine that my trip to the other end of the world would only last for a month. Nevertheless, it would be one of my most memorable ones.

Settling in Sydney 🏡

I was lucky enough to live in Yura Mudang. Even though I am absolutely not a party person, countless events and excursions made it very easy for me to settle in and socialise (this is not to be taken for granted for a study abroad semester).

The O'Day was also very enlightening. My Swabian heart (in Germany there is the prejudice that we are very stingy) beat faster in view of all the freebies. Furthermore, you could get an overview of the things you would like to do and experience during the semester. From the UTS clubs that you can sign up for, such as the Food Appreciation or Barbell Club, travel and excursion destinations as well as restaurants were presented, promoted and sometimes drawn by lots.

My highlights ✨

Even though I couldn't nearly finish my To-Do-list in that month and therefore, missing out on points like learning to surf or hiking in the Blue Mountains, I can name a few of my Sydney faves.

1. Brunch, coffee and ice cream ☕️

There are probably few cities that have such a huge selection of restaurants, cafés, as well as the choice of coffee drinks, as Sydney. In case of ice cream, I strongly recommend Anita (near UTS in Central Park Mall & at Bondi Beach). Especially the pretzel-chocolate-caramel ice cream is to die for (thank me later!)

2. Road trips 🚗

Despite my short stay I managed to get in touch with a group of other international students for a road trip along the Great Ocean Road (I didn’t know them until we met at the airport). Although I have already made this trip in 2015, I wouldn't want to miss this experience for anything. The drenched move from the tent to the camping kitchen, the nightly cooking sessions and the spontaneity and fun we had created memories for life.

3. Non-partying nightlife 🎆

As already mentioned, I am not the person who is at the club every night. However, Sydney offers great alternatives with Darling Harbor, located near UTS, and its weekly fireworks, the Spice Alley or the outdoor cinema at Bondi Beach.

Studying at UTS online 📚

Due to COVID-19 I had to return to Germany one week after the start of lectures. I was very interested in all my lectures at UTS, and thus decided to continue my studies from Germany. This was definitely not a wrong decision in general, but it was much more difficult due to the time difference. Since English is my second language, it was more challenging to study. In addition, it was a pity not to be able to establish close contact with fellow study abroad and exchange students and motivate each other. But overall, I'd say it was a great learning experience!

With this in mind I wish you all the best, stay healthy and positive!

Greetings from Stuttgart,

Lisa Sophie

Name: Lisa Sophie Reimitz

Course of Study: Media Economy, Sports Management

Country: Germany

Home University: Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart

IG: @lisasophiiie

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