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Find what you love, now make it a part of Study Abroad

A lot of us have our favorite things, things that we do every time that we are home. Being in a different country does not have to mean you have to give up those things. Try to find a way to apply those things you love to Australia. Some of my favorite things from the US are American football, the ocean, and coffee.


My first moment in the country, I messed up my coffee order. So, my coffee addiction didn’t start on the right foot in Oz. From there I knew Aussie Coffee shops weren't going to be the same. I asked around and found out that the Flat White is the Aussie coffee of choice, they claim they do it best! I had never had one before, but I am glad I branched out from my normal coffee choice and tried something authentic

to the country. Coffee culture in Australia is the best I have ever experienced. Make sure you try cafes across campus, my favorite are Cornerstone and Café 80 in building 8.


I will be honest, I changed semesters I was studying abroad just so I wouldn't miss football season in the States. I quickly learned that Australia has just as great of a sporting scene as the US. While abroad we witnessed almost a whole season of AFL, a cricket scandal that rocked the nation, State of Origin Rugby match, and the World Cup. Because I have been an athlete my whole life and love watching sports so much at home I decided I wanted to become a part of this, so my roommates and I became Sydney Swans fans and attended a few matches at the Sydney Cricket Grounds: an amazing venue for sports. AFL is easy to pick up and so fun to watch. It is a way to keep up with Aussie culture well past your time abroad too!

The Ocean I have grown up in Florida and around the oceans and beaches my whole life. Australia has some of the most amazing beaches in the world, so don’t miss out on the opportunities to see as many of them as possible. Diving is something I had never done before, so I decided to get certified in Sydney at Abyss Scuba Diving. They have an amazing student budget course that is very affordable. Following my certification, I decided to join their dive club and was able to go on a dive with Fur Seals and Weedy Seadragons, and so much more. And while you are at it, you can go experience the Great Barrier Reef (the highlight of my time abroad).

Whether you love animals (visit the dog parks), video games (visit to esports center at the SCG), art (visit the Art Gallery of NSW), nature (hike Royal National Park or the Blue Mountains), swimming (visit the Icebergs or Sydney Olympic pool), reading (all the awesome libraries), movies (there is always a film fest going on), or food (um where to begin! There is so much amazing food) there is something for everyone to connect to in Sydney!

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