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UniSports 2018

Thea Risvik

Course: Business

Country: Norway

Hi guys, this is Thea! I’m 20 years old, and an exchange student from Norway. I’m in my first year of studying business at UTS. I love studying at the school in the heart of Sydney, but luckily UTS has more to offer than studies – let’s talk about sports! I want to share with you guys my experience of the UniSport 2018.

Since I was 6 years old, I have always played European handball. I reckon you wonder why I said European? This is just because there are two different kinds of the sport handball: one where two teams are playing against each other, and the other one is an individual squash kind of type. I’m playing the team sport.

During orientation week in July 2018, I got information about opportunities regarding sports. UTS has a lot to offer, but for me it was an easy choice. Even though I was a bit back and forth, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend my time on handball since I only had one semester here. I manned up and joined UTS handball club, and after a couple of training sessions they informed me about the UniSport 2018 at the end of September.

So my team, along with all other sports representing UTS, flew to the Gold Coast in Queensland. We stayed at a very nice hotel, played sports during the daytime, and did social stuff in the evenings. It was one of the most fun weeks in my life! We actually made it to the final, but we lost so we brought the silver medal back home instead of the gold… Anyway, I guess I can speak for my whole team when I say that it was such a good feat, and that we’re happy we made it to the final!

My advice to upcoming students: join a sport at UTS so you can experience UniSports! The week in the Gold Coast was amazing, not just because of the sport part, but you also get to know so many new people from different universities! I’m so glad I got to experience this.

Cheers, Thea

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