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10 Hints for your very own Sydney adventure…

Hi everyone!

My name is Johanna, I’m a German Hotel Management student and I spent one semester at UTS. Having decided to move to Sydney for a semester was definitely one of my best decisions. UTS offers an amazing international learning atmosphere and I had the opportunity to learn and live together with people from all around the world. Additionally, Sydney as a city to live in is absolutely incredible.

I have Sydney Top 10 Tips that I would recommend everyone do during their time here:

  1. Grab some nice food and have a picnic at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair with stunning views to the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

  2. Take a walk through Paddington and see the nice, boutique shops around Oxford Street

  3. Have a coffee at ‘Something for Jess’ – my favourite café near UTS to hang out with friends or for having a nice place to work on my assignments

  4. Rent a car and do a weekend vacation with some great people to Hunter Valley

  5. Buy a ticket to one of the great musicals or shows – I had one of my best days in Sydney during a shown in the Opera House (and the tickets were not even expensive!!)

  6. Get some Asian food at Spice Alley – a fantastic place for cheap eats around UTS with a great atmosphere to sit on a sunny day

  7. The Grounds of Alexandria – definitely the most instagramable place around Sydney

  8. Take a day off in one of the National Parks around Sydney - I loved the Royal National Park with the great views around the coastline and the unique nature

  9. Go Pub-Crawling in Newtown – a super world-open, hipster place that has so many nice bars with live music

  10. Relax a whole day (without doing any Uni stuff!) at one of Sydney’s great beaches – Did you know that If you wanted to test every beach around Sydney then you need 3 months… Is this not a good goal for your study abroad experience? ;)

Sydney is a super diverse city. My hint is just to take a bus somewhere and see one of the suburbs around the CBD whenever you can take some time off. Sometimes you discover the most unexpected great places just by walking around and feeling the flow of the city.

To be honest, saying goodbye to Sydney and to the wonderful people I met here was very very sad for me. I can only recommend everyone to start your own Study abroad adventure at UTS and make the experience as great as mine was!

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