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Jade in #TakeOverTuesday

Jade Lin

Paris, France

Hi guys! I’m Jade from France with Chinese origins and I am at UTS for a Study Abroad semester.

Home University

ECE Paris


Health/Biomedical Engineering

My studies

Back home, I am doing Engineering studies specialising in Technology and Healthcare. However, here, I decided to take an engineering class and two business subjects since I will be doing another Master in business management after my study abroad experience.


ECE Paris gave me the opportunity to select a university among many others all around the world and I chose to study at UTS. I have always been keen on travelling far away from home and Australia was my dream destination!

The University of Technology Sydney is well known for its science and technology faculties. Also, it is one of few to offer a course which combines management and health, and it is really important for me to have the possibility to study this course as for my future job I want to be an engineer manager in the health sector.

A typical day

After an avo toast for brekkie, I start my day at Uni or at the library. After some studies, I usually go to the gym and hang out in Sydney with some friends. When I don’t have class, I love exploring the city, taking a walk close to the beach and watching either the sunrise or sunset there. Stunning views guaranteed!

When I am not studying you most likely find me

Eating in a nice place with some friends because there are so many different restaurants to try here! I also love baking for people, and especially banana cake here since everyone seems to enjoy it!

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

Go to the Northern Territory and see Ayers Rock/Uluru with my own eyes!


Jade Lin

Health Engineering

France, ECE Paris

Follow me on Instagram for more pics: @jadoudouu96

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