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Dinorah in #TakeOverTuesday

Dinorah Fonseca

Mexico City, Mexico

Home university and Country Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Mexico) Studying Sustainable Development Engineering

Favorite place in the world Red Centre, NT, Australia

Hi! This is Dinorah from Mexico City and I will be taking over this Tuesday with some of my amazing experiences and tips here in Australia and UTS

A typical day…

Sydney is one of the most vibrant cities I’ve been in, so it is really hard to describe a typical day, when each one is so unique. However, I usually wake up in the morning, cook some brekkie for myself and walk to school (it’s only 2 mins away!!). I have one or two lectures and tutorials in the morning and spend the afternoon going over them and doing any necessary homework. Then it is time to meet my friends and have nice walks around the city. We usually walk around Central Park Mall, Darling Harbor, or even go to museums and parks. The best part is when we all go out together for dinner, all restaurants in Sydney are amazing! And the variety is huge.

When I’m not studying you most likely find me…

I would say definitely hanging out with my friends somewhere. Meeting people from all over the world at UTS is the best thing you can do, because you make lifelong friends. So, usually we go grab a coffee at Starbucks or go have dinner in Chinatown or Spice Alley, or anywhere we can sit, chat and laugh for hours.

My favourite thing about my experience so far…

Meeting so many people from so many parts of the world. I’ve never been in a city with such culture diversity, which has made me learn so much every day and be more open minded about everything. People at UTS are always friendly and always willing to help and make new friends. It also amazes me how UTS encourages this by organizing weekly events (like free noodles and coffee!!) and having designated areas to socialize inside the school, which is where I met most of my amazing friends.

Something I want to tick off the bucket list

Having the experience of living and working in the outback for a couple of years, which I plan to come and do here in Australia when I graduate from my degree.

My one must visit in Australia

Northern Territory, without a doubt. The red centre in Australia has become my favourite place in the world and I only spent about a week there. There is so much culture and nature to learn from, that you instantly fall in love with it. Real Aussie adventure. Cheers, Dinorah

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