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Isabel in #TakeOverTuesday

Hi everyone, my name is Isabel, I am 22 years old and will be doing the #takeovertuesday this week.

Home University and Country: Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne, Germany

Studying: Applied Psychology

Favourite place in the world: Lake Garda – Italy

A typical day

Mostly I start my day with a session in the ActivateFit gym on Harris Street, and after that, I eat breakfast. Berries and Watermelons are so cheap here - adding some Greek yoghurt, and my favourite breakfast is ready! Since all my lectures take place in the afternoon, I mostly go for a coffee at lunchtime, prepare myself for the tutorials and then go to university. When all the lectures are over, I often go for dinner or stroll around in the Central Park Mall or Newtown, go to the Cinema or to Darling Harbour. At weekends I usually go to various beaches, which are so many besides Bondi! Recently, I went with some friends to the Maroubra Beach – highly recommended. Not so crowded, and a beautiful bay.

When I am not studying you most likely find me…

in one of the hundreds cafés or restaurants in Sydney. Exploring a city has a lot to do with food for me. The avocado bread at Grounds of Alexandria is fantastic, and around the corner of my housing at the underground cafe, you get the perfect Flat White with your favourite banana bread.

My favourite thing about my experience so far is…

how friendly and warm-hearted the people are. Typically, in a crowded city like Sydney, the people are stressed and do not have time for nice little chats. Here it’s not unusual to end up in a long conversation in the supermarket or in a café with the barista. Also in daily life at university, you engage with so many different people, who are always very cooperative.

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

Seeing the sunrise at the Uluru (which will, fortunately, happen in less than one week) and pet a kangaroo.

My one must visit in Australia

Coral Bay in Western Australia and Rottnest Island with the cutest animals on earth - Quokkas!

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