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Lea in #TakeOverTuesday

Hi! My name is Lea, and I am currently studying a semester abroad at UTS. Back home in Germany I study Healthcare Management and Economics, but here I have different courses which are mainly in the Business faculty.

Why I choose UTS

I was excited to come back to Australia and go to uni in Sydney. In 10th grade of high school I went for half a year to a school in Hobart, Tasmania and since then I always wanted to come back to Australia. And here I am. It still feels like a beautiful dream.

I stay in the housing accommodation from UTS and live in a four share apartment in Gumal. It is beautiful and comfortable there, and I live with three other girls.

A typical day

What I like about Sydney is that you can do so many different things and there is so much to explore - so you never get bored. Also in Sydney and at UTS, you get to make friends from all over the world and get to learn about different nationalities, which is excellent.

In my free time, I always explore the area around Sydney with friends, or we watch movies, talk or go partying. As I mentioned before, there are a lot of fun things to do.

My home university versus UTS

The university here in Australia is entirely different from my university in Germany. We have mostly all our exams and assignments by the end of our semester. It takes a bit time to get used to the new system, but it is a remarkable experience.

Another great thing about UTS is that there are so many clubs and societies to join, which is a great place to meet other people as well.

I recommend to do and explore as many things as you can in your time here in Australia!

My main tips

Also, go on your study vacation to other parts of Australia or countries around Australia if you get the opportunity. It is worth it.

We have study vacation right now, and I went with my friends to the Whitsundays Area in Queensland, and it is so beautiful here and warmer than in Sydney at this time of the year. It is perfect to get your head free and to upload your batteries with energy for the coming next weeks of the semester.

Enjoy your stay at UTS in Sydney! :)

Fun-Fact about me I am obsessed with pigs :D They are just the cutest!!!

Also, you can follow me on Instagram: Gingerxella, for more pictures!


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