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Huyen in #TakeOverTuesday

Huyen Pham

Hannover, Germany

Hey guys! I’m Huyen from Germany and I will be doing the TakeoverTuesday this week!

Home University and Country

Universität Hildesheim – Germany


International Informationmanagement

Favorite place in the world

Rome, Italy

A typical day

My day always starts with having a breakfast, mostly yoghurt with muesli and a tea. And from that onwards it depends on the day. When I have classes I’ll be at Uni but the majority of my courses start in the afternoon. So apart from that I either study or do my assignments, go to the gym, meet up with friends or be at Broadway shopping mall to buy groceries (...they run out so fast!).

When I’m not studying you most likely find me...

Explore Sydney (!) because there is always something new to see and to try out, relax at the beaches, having a movie night with my flatmates, going for lunch or dinner with friends.

My favorite thing about my experience so far...

Definitely the Great Ocean Road tour which I did during my trip to Melbourne. I highly recommend this tour because the nature was just breathtaking! And then of course learning to surf in the SurfCamp! That's what you do when in Australia, right?

Something I want to tick off my bucket list

Travelling to New Zealand and while I'm already so close to NZ I might as well do it soon!

My one must visit in Australia

The dreamy Whitsunday Islands!

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