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Fiji time - island hopping in paradise

Bula - hello! During StuVac I spent a week island hopping in beautiful Fiji. What a way to travel?! You get to see so much of the landscape, turquoise ocean and of course the white beaches.

I travelled together with of my besties and would say that a week is just enough to get a great experience. We started our trip from the marina in Nadi early Monday morning, and where back on the mainland by Saturday evening. It is a lot of people traveling in this way, so you get to meet and make new friends every single day! We choose a package deal with everything included, and I am very happy for that. In this way you do not have to worry about food, accommodation or activities - everything is already sorted out for you. Day 1 & 2 We took the boat Yasawa flyer up 5 hours north from Nadi. The boat trip was great as we got to see and stop at every single island along the way. The first two nights we spent at a beautiful resort called Long Beach. You will never feel as welcome as you do when you arrive at a local island in Fiji! Most of the resorts are driven by families and you get greeted by local music, coconut drinks and a big BULA. To sum up our days at the first resort we snorkeled in the blue lagoon, played beach volleyball, watched the stars, sunrise hiked up the goat island, went diving in caves, visited a local village and so on! Meal time is also a cool experience as it is seen as a social event. When dinner is ready the drums starts playing and everybody is gather together in the dining hall. You get a portion of local food served that often consist of some meat/fish in a curry mix with rice or potato. After dinner there is always dancing, activities or a show preformed by the staff.

Day 3 & 4 We spent the next couple of days at a island resort called White Sandy beach. At this island we got the number one experience of the trip - SWIMMING WITH MANTA RAYS! We woke up super early to catch the mantas, and it was totally worth it. The rest of our time at this island we spent watching the sunset, hiking to other beaches and chilling out in the hammock. At this resort we also got to see a really cool fire show preformed by the staff!

Day 5 We started our day sunrise paddling, how amazing isn't that?! At 5:45 we got our swimsuits on and went down to the beach, grabbed a board and went out in the ocean. After this a breakfast buffet with pancakes, eggs, toast and bacon were served, yuuum! Since this was our last day we only had one activity left - a day sailing cruise in the beautiful Mamanucas. We got picked up by the big boat and transported to another small boat where we jumped onboard at the sail boat. Greeted by a glass of prosecco and some more local music we set the course against the island featured in the movie Cast Away. After exploring the island and swimming in the clearest water ever we got served a big tasty bbq onboard. Later that day we got to be a part of a Fijian kava ceremony, fun but it did not taste good haha. Overall such a memorable week, and I recommend all of you to go explore Fiji one day! Check out the video below to learn more about our trip. Vinaka Fiji - see you again

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