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My StuVac adventure in Tasmania!

G’Day Everyone!

After the first 9 exciting weeks in Sydney and after 6 weeks of class, it was finally time for the UTS Mid-Semester Break/Study Vacation! A somewhat strange feeling, because it seemed that the semester had hardly begun and then I found myself already halfway through it. While all of my friends had other destinations in Australia in mind, I decided that I really wanted to go to Tasmania on my own. I was nervous and excited, because, it was my first time travelling alone.

I only had 7 days in Tasmania, so I rented a little campervan over the backpacker agency “Backpackers World Travel”. When I arrived in Hobart I walked nearly 3 km to the car rental “Campervan Village”. My first drive to the supermarket was a little adventurous with the gear change on the “wrong” side, so I tried to shift with my right hand several times.

My first stop was the incredible Freycinet National Park or better known as the Wineglass Bay. In the late afternoon I walked the short loop walk at the very beautiful Cape Tourville and had a look at the Sleepy Bay, the lovely Honeymoon Bay and Richardsons Beach. At dusk I drove to the Swan River Camping, where I had my dinner with 2 other girls and a campfire.

The next day was an exhausting, active and awesome day. I decided to see as much as I can in one day. First, I climbed up Mount Amos, it was a challenging climb to the top with a bit of “bouldering”. The climb itself was amazing but the view over the Wineglass Bay was stunning (cover photo; see above). And seriously, when I saw the Wineglass Bay Lookout afterwards, I didn’t even take a picture. Then, I had a nice lunch break at Wineglass Bay Beach and continued walking the 11km Hazards Beach Track. I slept at one of plenty free campsites, which you can find everywhere in Tasmania, a great opportunity.

On the next day, I drove up north to St Helens Conservation Area. The Peron Dunes are amazing and I had the beach all to myself. That was a welcome change after the crowded beaches of Sydney. My favourite beaches up north at the Bay of Fires were: Binalong Bay (free shower on the beach!), Jeanneret Beach, Cosy Corner North (!) and Taylors Beach. I climbed up a lot of orange rocks and swan in the freezing water.

My fourth day was a long car journey to the Cradle Mountains National Park with only two stops; the Halls Falls and Little Blue Lake.

I arrived late at the visitor centre and informed me about the tracks and decided to do a mix of different tracks. This was the only night, that I didn’t sleep at a free campsite (it was already dark and out of the opening hour of the caravan park´s reception), but I simply stayed at the Visitor Carpark.

The next day, I took the first shuttle bus to the Dove Lake and decided to walk the Dove Lake Circuit first (5.7 km), because of the mist. This walk was beautiful and a bit mystic due to the autumn coloured trees and the mist. After that I took the shuttle bus back to Ronny creek and walked the first part of the Overland Track over the Crater Lake to the stunning Marions Lookout. There I had an extended lunch break because I hoped for a clear sky. I was very lucky, after half an hour the lake and the mountain were completely cleared up! Awesome experience!

I returned to Hobart and had to return the car on Saturday, thus I had 2 days for sightseeing in Hobart left. Then, it was time to return to Sydney!

Tassie was a great adventure with the taste of pure nature, fresh air, peacefulness and incredible landscapes!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome time at UTS!

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