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UTS - my impressions

Hi guys, I am Isabel from Germany! At the beginning of this year, I made my decision to go to Sydney for one semester. My home university is quite small, with only 2800 students, four buildings and one little cafeteria. So I did not have any expectations about UTS – I just knew that it was quite a young university. However, I didn’t expect the university to be so innovative and modern!

UTS has amazing architecture!

Starting with my favorite building, of course, the Dr. Chau Chak Wing Building. It is the figurehead of the UTS Business School. Every time I have a lecture there (which is, fortunately, every Monday), I am amazed by the architecture. But that’s not enough: the next day I have a lecture in the green auditorium in the Vicki Sara Building – a room, where everything is green – imagine that! The color green is here used for creativity and to create a peaceful mind. UTS is full of opportunities!

But it’s not just about the buildings and the magnificent architecture, what fills me with enthusiasm. I was so surprised about all the given offers and opportunities. In every building, you have at least one café and over the whole campus scattered there are so many different options to eat. And even more: every Tuesday and Wednesday you can go to the Tower Building in the morning and get free breakfast! Furthermore, you can grab a complimentary hot and yummy soup every Tuesday and Thursday in the Tower Building as well.

UTS has a lot to offer!

If you get sick, you can go to Level 5 in Building 1 and receive medical advice. In Building 4 you can fit in a short session in the gym between your lectures. In the Library, you can go for a little break to the Gaming Room to play some video games. In Building 11 you can lay down on some mattings to relax between your lectures. In the Tower Building, you can go to UTS Helps - they give you good advice for your assignments and help you where they can. And if you need a drink after a long day on the camps just head over to the loft – one of the two on-campus bars. Not to forget the comprehensive offers of so many societies and sports clubs. For sure you will find a suitable one for your interests!

When you arrive in Sydney, I can recommend you to download some apps including: UTS Map, UTS Mobile, Blackboard and if you are living in a housing of the university – the UTS housing app.

These are very beneficial apps to find your way in your first weeks! Cheers, Isabel

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