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My Surf Camp experience - A chilly but fun weekend

Hello everyone!

My name is Ramona and I am an International Management student from Basel, Switzerland. Signing up for Surf Camp was a rather unexpected and impulsive decision for me; however, I am very glad I didn’t miss out on that fantastic opportunity. What better way to learn how to surf than during your semester abroad in Australia?!

The first out of the three offered weekends especially for UTS students happened to be at the end of August and I would like to share with you my experiences.

Where is the surf camp located?

The camp was held in a Caravan park in Gerroa. Situated approximately 2.5 hours away from Sydney, the Seven Mile Beach offers the perfect conditions for beginner surfers.

What was the weekend like?

Right after an early breakfast Saturday, everyone got equipped with a wetsuit and the surf lessons started. After an hour-long introduction and warm-up session at the beach we all were ready to catch our first waves. The very energetic surf instructors explained everything in detail, supported and motivated us. At the end of the first day everyone stood at least once on their board. After about an hour of surfing we returned to the camp and enjoyed a tasty lunch before our second surf session of the day.

After dinner we all got to watch the pictures that were taken of us during the lessons on the TV and afterwards headed out for some “after-work-drinks” in a nearby pub. On Sunday morning we had one more surf lesson of two hours before we headed back to Sydney.

My experience:

Despite having bad weather the trip was really good. The accommodation is simple but offers you everything you need, from comfortable bunk beds to hot showers and even hammocks. The staff went above and beyond to make sure everyone has an awesome time. All in all, I can highly recommend it to everyone!



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