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Throwback Thursday with Anna

Anna Cruz

Course: Mechanical Engineering

Country: USA

University: The College of New Jersey

UTS Year and Session: Autumn 2018


Biggest Cultural Mistake

Even till my last few weeks of my stay in Sydney, I still looked in the wrong direction when crossing the streets. It took me a while to get my body used to walking on the left side of the streets and passing people on the right. This goes the same when entering stores and escalators.

Funniest moment

I met someone from my home university who just moved into my apartment building. I didn't know who she was but she was there for the summer and I was just finishing up my autumn semester. We ended up talking for hours that entire night. Small world!

Scariest experience

When I used the bathroom in the Royal National Park, I saw a spider the size of my hand in the toilet and freaked out. I never ended up going to the bathroom.

Favorite Sydney hangout

Keeping it local, my favorite spot is the Cornerstone Cafe on campus. I get their matcha green tea latte every week. I also do love spending time at Manly Beach. I love the chill atmosphere and the poke bowls they have there!

Most thrilling memory

My last minute decision to go skydiving in New Zealand. I knew I wanted to skydive, I didn't even think twice when I purchased my ticket.

What do you miss the most and the least about your experience?

I will miss living in the city and at the same time being just a short bus ride away from the beautiful beaches in Sydney. It was the best of both worlds. I loved the convenience of just walking out of my apartment to get my groceries and shopping since everything is just a walk away. As for what I will miss the least, it would definitely be the overall high cost of living in Sydney and it's poisonous insects.

How did your study abroad experience make you think differently about your home country and the world around you?

Studying abroad has given me a broader view of the world through all the interactions I've had with people from different countries. It has also increased my appreciation for my home country and my family there.

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