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Sukhpreet in #TakeOverTuesday

Sukhpreet Singh

Hamburg, Germany

Hi folks! I am Sukhpreet from Germany. Friends and people having struggle pronouncing my name, so just call me: Sukhi (trust me you would not be first). I was born and has lived all my life in Germany. This year, before my study ends, I was keen to be somewhere and also do something different! Thats why I am doing a semester abroad here in Sydney at UTS. I will be doing the takeover this tuesday. So I hope you enjoy my blog post.


Home University and Country

Universität Hamburg, Germany


IT- Management und -Consulting

Favourite Place in the World

Where people and things are which I love (These places I call them: home)


A Typical Day

So my days starts with a nice breakfast with my flatmates (especially on Saturdays we have an amazing brunch!). Then I start thinking of what to do in this beautiful country with so many different opportunities; it is indeed really hard. The whole life here is different from Germany. You don't get to see these kind of beaches, people, nature and life in general. On weekdays I buy grocery, make and eat food, do laundry and go to different classes from my subject (IT). I get to learn new things every single day here. It might be from an IT lecture or just a chat with someone from e.g. Malaysia.

For the weekends, I have nice trips planned. Recently I went to the famous Bondi Beach. I want to discover as much as possible. I hope while you are reading this I will be at one of these places:

Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Gold Coast, Port Stevens, Hunter Valley, Jervis Bay, Blue mountains, One of the National Parks

When I'm not studying you'll find me...

- Doing Bhangra! A folk dance from Punjab (India/Pakistan) at different locations around Sydney. It's a energetic and dynamic dance which includes a lot of steps. You can be creative and make your own choreography to any Punjabi song (most famous one is from Punjab MC).

- Having fun with my flatmates

- Doing a road trip

- Trying food from different countries

- Finding my next adventure

- Chilling in my apartment

The view from my apartment at UTS Housing. Love it.

My favourite thing about my experience so far ist...

Attending and participating Shaam Shaandar. An event done by the Indian Society of different Universities (UTS, USYD, UNSW and MQ). Really enjoyed that one! I will tell more about it in a different blog. So keep checking out the blog posts!

Something I want to tick of my bucket list...

My bucket list is huuuuuge. Seeing different National Parks, the Outback, Going Surfing, Swimming...

The one thing I have to do is: Skydiving! I know many people want to do it and might not be that creative or new for you, but I never had the chance before and here in Australia I want to give it a try. Germany is not really known for adventures, I would say. It would be an unforgettable experience here Down Under.

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