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Sydney getaway


Hello guys! Last week my friends and I took a daytrip to the famous figure eight pools, which is located in the Royal National Park just about an hour outside Sydney. It was a really cool place to see and I totally recommend going there once during your stay! Important things to know before you plan your trip: 1. CHECK THE TIDE! You can’t access the pools if it is high tide and it is dangerous to walk along the rocks if there is too much waves. Only go when the tide is below 1.5m. Check tide times here 2. Make sure you have plenty of time. You have to walk through the national park to get there, and the walk takes about an hour each way.

3. If you are renting a car, make sure it is suited for rough roads. The last part before you get to the carpark is kind of bumpy and dirty.

How to get there?

The nearest carpark to get to Figure Eight Pools is at Garawarra Farm, off Garie Road (Enter “Garawarra Farm Carpark” in Google Maps). It takes about an hour to drive there, depending on traffic. As you drive into the carpark at the very end of the road, you’ll see a locked gate in front of you. On the other side there’s a walking track on the left with a sign saying “Garawarra Farm”. Follow this track east, all the way to the bottom of the hill, and along Burning Palms Beach. Then you have to go via the rocks, and the pools are located near the second headland. For further info check out this link

What to bring?

I recommend you to put on good shoes for the walk. It is also preferable to wear training clothes. It may be windy down at the pools, so a tip is to bring a jacket.

There is no drinking water, stores or toilets once you leave the carpark, so make sure to bring food and enough water. The walk on the way back is hard and you will get thirsty haha! Remember to bring your swimmers and camera. The coolest shots are from laying down in the pools!


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