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Throwback Thursday with Andrea

Andrea Lundquist

Course: Business Administration

Country: Norway University: University of Tromsoe – The Arctic University of Norway

UTS Year and session(s): Autumn 2017


Biggest Cultural Mistake:

As far as I can remember, there wasn´t any cultural mistakes. But, I think the biggest difference was that the cars were driving on the left side of the road. So when I was crossing the road, it was a bit confusing in the beginning because the cars came from the wrong direction from what I’m used to.

Funniest moment:

I have so many good memories, so it’s hard to just pick one. But I think when we represented Norway in the world cup futsal tournament at UTS is a good one.

Scariest experience:

In the beginning of the semester, me and my friend went skydiving in Newcastle. I think that was the most terrifying moment, because we were literally jumping out of an airplane. Other than that I did not have any scary experiences during my stay down under.

Favorite Sydney hangout:

There is a cute little café at Kirribilli Wharf called Celsius Coffee Co. The food is delicious and very Instagram friendly as well. Other than that Tamarama Beach is beautiful. It’s smaller than Coogee and Bondi, and with less people.

Most thrilling memory:

Maybe not the most thrilling memory, but one of the best memories for sure was definitely when I was visiting Whitehaven beach! I had booked a sailing tour for three days, where we were snorkeling and sailing. The second day we arrived to Whitehaven beach, and it’s even more prettier in real life than photos. The last day on the boat we had this incredible sunset, so I couldn’t be happier about this experience.

What do you miss the most and the least about your experience?

I miss everything about this experience, and if I had the chance to do it all over I definitely would! Sydney is such a big city compared to what I’m used to, so there is always something to do and something new to explore. I also miss the warm climate, always being close to the beach, and all the people I met there! What I miss the least is all the insects and cockroaches, haha.

How did your study abroad experience make you think differently about your home country and the world around you?

I think the university is quite different from back home. It was a lot more work than what I was prepared for. But I think it was a really good experience. I also started to appreciate my home country more, and being abroad made me more thankful for things I didn’t even think about before leaving.

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