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ESAC in #TakeOverTuesday

ESAC - Exchange and Study Abroad Club Activate UTS

What is our goal? ESAC stands for the Exchange and Study Abroad Club. We are a social club dedicated to building strong connections between the domestic community and the international community through a range of events.

What will be happening this semester? You're in luck this year! This year, ESAC is celebrating 10 years at UTS with events such as escape rooms, movie nights as well as some cool excursions to places like Sydney's Cherry Blossoms (think: famous pink flowers of Japan), Cockatoo Island (in the middle of the beautiful Sydney Harbour), Palm Beach (golden sands, clear waters) and many other places. You can find the list of events at our facebook page ESAC.

Join us today for just $5 and celebrate 10 years of fun! Do not miss out!

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