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Andrea in #TakeOverTuesday

Andrea Hugvik Bodø, Norway

Hey you guys! Andrea here, your study abroad ambassador for the spring 2018. I am so happy to share all my UTS and Sydney experiences with you!

Home university and Country BI Norwegian Business School (Norway) Studying International business & marketing

Favorite place in the world The Gili Islands, Lombok

A typical day I usually start my day eating brekkie with my girls. I live with three other Norwegian girls from my program, in a nice apartment in Waterloo. The bus only takes 7 mins to the central station, which is perfect! My lectures and tutorials are in the evenings, so the day time is perfect for small adventures and work out sessions. When the summer comes, I’ll definitely hit the beach before school!

The school here is quite different from what I am used to in Norway. The lecturer expects us to be prepared before the class and participate in discussions. In Norway we meet up to the lecture and then read the material afterwards, studying for one final exam in each subject. So I do a lot more preparations here than I did in Norway, because the subjects are divided into different assessments throughout the semester. It is also more group assignments, so a lot of my days go to meeting up with different groups and studying at school. In the evenings we usually make dinner together and plan our next adventures! aaand we also have a lot of ABBA singalongs #lifewithnoTV

When I am not studying you most likely find me... Traveling around with my gopro! I love to make short travel movies from all my adventures. I also love to find new cool places to eat, totally recommend Concrete Jungle and Cuppa Flower.

My favorite thing about my experience so far... EVERYTHING, haha! I love that the city is so diverse and full of new exciting things to do. We have made a list of different places in Sydney to visit, and are planning to go to a new place every sunday. Sunday is the cheapest day to travel with bus or train, so I would recommend others to do the same.

Something I want to tick off my bucket list Snorkeling with manta rays in Fiji and watching the sunset at one of the small Islands! I also want to go for extreme sport and hike-adventures in New Zealand. My one must visit in Australia Going for a sailing adventure at Whitehaven beaches! Make the most out of your time, Andrea

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