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A Dog-Lover's Guide to Sydney

Any animal lovers out there? Studying abroad has been one of the most exciting adventures of my life and I would not trade it for the world, but it can be hard to settle into a new city and Uni without the comforts of your furry friend. As a down right dog lover, a four legged friend is necessary for my mental sanity especially when trying to conquer school AND explore a new city/country so far from home. This blog is a guide for surviving Sydney without your fur best friend!



Fortunately, Sydney has no shortage of amazing dog parks right in the middle of the city! Many of the parks have "off-leash" areas where doggos can run free while their owners chat. Whether you need a study break or a quick pupper fix, I highly suggest checking out one of these great parks to play with dogs!

1. Jubilee Park, Glebe

Tucked behind the Anzac bridge in Rozelle Bay, Jubilee park is a spacious park featuring open fields that are off-leash areas for dogs. Stop by around 4:15 pm on weekdays to catch the pups in action!

Tip: I recommend grabbing a coffee from a nearby cafe and sitting on a park bench to take in the scene.

2. Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk

One of my favorite ways to experience Sydney AND fulfill my need to play with pups is to spend an afternoon doing the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk! Throughout the 6km track there are dozens of opportunities to interact with man's best friend, whether its stopping to play at one of the beaches along the way or as you walk and take in the views. The coastal walk is one of the most iconic treks in Sydney and because of its popularity with tourists an locals alike, you'll be sure to meet many furry friends along the way!

Tip: Be sure to stop at the rock pools at Gordon's Bay because many doggos can be found cooling off in the water!


City Dog Life

Because Sydney is such a big city, there are so many other ways to fill the dog shaped hole in your life while abroad! Check out these unique puppy encounters to meet your needs:

1. Borrow My Pooch

This website is a great (and safe) way to interact with dogs on a personal level as it matches you with busy dog owners in your area! You can create a free account and register to help walk and dog sit local dog owners around Sydney. As you are "borrowing" the dog for the day, you don't get paid but get quality time with a four legged friend throughout your time abroad.

2. UTS Finals Week Puppy Study Break

The absolute BEST part of finals is when the Delta Society brings puppies to Uni! Outside the UTS Library you have the opportunity to take a break from studying and play with adorable puppies! As a dog-lover this experience is a must as it helps you relax and refocus during the stress of exams and makes a foreign city feel a little bit more like home.

If you're a cat lover don't feel left out! Be sure to check out Catmosphere Cat Cafe in Surry Hills where you can cuddle with kittens while drinking coffee. All the cats are rescued and many are up for adoption and all proceeds go towards rescuing animals!

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