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Studying abroad changed me for the better!

Hi! My name is Allie and I am studying abroad at UTS for this Autumn semester. I am from the United States and it has always been a dream of mine to come to Australia. It is incredible to me how much I have changed and grown since landing in Sydney. I have never been a dependent girl, but I always knew if I needed help with something, my parents would be there to help me figure it out. Being halfway across the world with a 14-hour time difference makes it hard to rely on them fully. I was forced to face reality and become more independent.

Looking back at who I was at the beginning of this adventure and seeing who I am now as I am about to take my final exams and end my journey, I am proud of what I have accomplished and who I have become. I struggled in the beginning, missing my family, my boyfriend, and my dogs that I left behind, but overtime I grew to realize what an amazing experience and opportunity this was for me and I knew how proud everyone at home was of me. Yes, I had my occasional breakdowns but who doesn’t? College is hard and being away from your friends and family for almost 6 months is hard.

I now only have less than two weeks left in this amazing country and its hard to believe that the time went by so fast. Over this semester I have made Sydney my home and it is going to be hard to leave. I know I will never have an opportunity like this again and even though I wish I went more places and saw more things, I believe I made the best out of my time here. The experience I had in Sydney will always be with me and I am so grateful I got the chance to live my dream. Australia will always have a place in my heart. Thank you for all the amazing experiences and friends I have gained. Here are some pictures of the unforgettable journey Australia was given me.

P.S sorry for all the pictures, it was hard to chose!

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