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My Little Paradise

Hey everyone! My name is Cristina Suarez, a 21-year-old Mexican Student. I would like to talk a little about my experience, from living in one of the biggest cities in the world, to living in Bondi Beach.

I was born and raised in Mexico City, an amazing place, full of beautiful people, museums and history; but also of noise, cars and pollution. All my life I had been surrounded by tall buildings and used to travel long distances by car or transport to reach any destination. This was my day-to-day life, but something inside of kept on telling me I wanted to live in a new place, and if possible, near the ocean.

My great admiration for Australia and its people, drove my decisions towards choosing Sydney as my future home. I enjoy visiting new places and learning from different cultures. I wanted to enrich my knowledge and vision of the world by meeting people and making new friends, by listening to different points of view and by experimenting new ways of live.

I have been living in Australia for five months, and everything has exceeded my high expectations. I am finally fulfilling my dream of living near the sea, in the beautiful Bondi Beach. I get to go to the beach almost every morning or noon, surf quite often and walk through the beautiful coastal walk. I also enjoy going out to a restaurant with my friends, or taking a coffee or an ice cream. Maybe it is a bit too far from university, but totally worth it.

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